The Next Rehab Solution for neurological disorders

Building on the advanced robot technology developed at the ReNEU Robotics Lab

Harmonic Bionics is bringing rehabilitation robotics into the clinical market.

Harmony: Shoulder and Arm Exoskeleton

Harmony has a novel shoulder and arm mechanism which is compatible with the complex shoulder anatomy. The novel mechanism maximizes the available range of motion. Our advanced actuator and controller technology allow Harmony to customize assistance as needed for the patient. This Assist-as-needed paradigm encourages the active participation of patients. Harmony powers the movements of both sides of the body. Harmony can thus provide bimanual therapy, which is developed based on the neurological coupling between left and right arms.


Maestro: Hand Exoskeleton

Maestro consists of thumb, index, and middle fi nger modules. Maestro is mechanically and electrically robust, accurate in sensing and torque-actuation, and compatible with various rehabilitation schemes. As a result of these features, Maestro has led to research on adaptive control theories for diverse properties of hands, the development of a hand-wrist exoskeletons, the development of a novel rehabilitation frameworks, progress of hand muscle fatigue, and assistance for SCI patients.

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Harmonic Bionics, Inc.

Harmonic Bionics was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of ReNeu Robotics Lab at The Univ. of Texas at Austin.

The mission of Harmonic Bionics is to innovate the rehabilitation process with robotic technologies for a better quality of life.

Youngmok Yun

Chief Executive Officer/Cofounder, PhD
Dr. Yun is the young and hungry CEO of Harmonic Bionics. He has participated in various projects for developing robotic systems including Harmony, a gait-trainer, a hand-wrist assistive device, and industrial automation systems for the past 12 years.

Ashish Deshpande

Chief Research Officer/Cofounder, PhD
Dr. Deshpande leads the research activities of Harmonic Bionics and provides the theoretical supports of Harmony and other future products. He is also an Assistant Professor at UT Austin and directs ReNeu Robotics Lab.

Sung Yul Shin

Lead Control Engineer
Sung Yul Shin is the Lead Control Engineer of Harmonic Bionics. He has worked on various projects including development of humanoid and rehabilitation robots and motion analysis of neurologically impaired patients.

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